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Alison has helped me so much with my anxiety. I highly recommend her to anyone who wants solution focused therapy with fast results. 


Went to Alison suffering from depression and anxiety following a breakup with my partner. I was at a very low ebb.

 3 sessions later I am a different person, Alison is a lovely lady and I have no hesitation in highly recommending her, so glad I gave this a go, worth every penny.



After suffering with depression and several close family bereavements, i was looking for alternative treatments to help me, Alison has helped me enormously,straight away she made me feel at ease and after 4 sessions i am finally seeing the good in life again .I would recommend anyone feeling lost to give her a try 

Thank you very much !!


''I’m a martial artist that has been learning Taekwon-Do for several years (20 years)to be exact,  four years ago I changed Taekwon-Do organisation to one that closely follows the original Taekwon-Do as brought into the country from Korea.
Facing my first grading with them to 4th  Degree ( international level of teaching ) I had to overcome some technical difficulties namely breaking 2 inches of wood with bear hands and feet and possibly breaking a red house brick with my feet, a task I tried very hard to do on numerous occasions resulting in several broken bones.  I needed to do this or I could not pass my grading.  I felt doomed as I was failing to progress.
The more negative the experience with associated pain one is subjected too, the more the subconscious mind protects the body from harm and tries it’s best to stop a repeat episode. With this statement in mind imagine how hard it was to break the wood and get past the subconscious mind?
I had 5-6 sessions with Alison who emptied the stress bucket of my mind making me feel happier more relaxed and confident generally in life and with my task ahead.
Alison re-framed the exact moves I needed to perform under hypnosis as I described them to her, for each of the breaking techniques , each time I left my confidence grew to the point I was feeling on top of the world by the time I attended the Taekwon-Do grading being graded by four Taekwon-Do Grand Masters.
Prior to meeting Alison I was ready to quit as I could not attain the grading requirements.
Having met Alison I feel over the moon like walking on air  not only did I meet the grading requirements and pass but I had a life changing experience, my mind was calm I felt happy and life’s annoying things just did not annoy me any more what more could you want?

The day came and I achieved my dream.''



I trained as a Solution Focused Clinical Hypnotherapist at the Prestigious Clifton Practice in Plymouth, which is often described as the 'Gold Star' of Hypnotherapy training, using techniques which are based on evidence from research. Each session is tailored to meet your particular needs and we work together to find solutions to move you towards your goals. 

Working as a Registered Nurse for many years, both in clinical and non clinical roles, I will have an understanding of your condition and how it can affect you. During my years working with people, I have developed a deep interest in behaviour and how life experiences can have such a profound effect. Therefore, it seemed a natural step for me to continue my personal development by learning about this exciting and life changing brain based therapy.

Whether you chose to visit me in Exminster or Exeter or have an online appointment, you will find that are in a warm, empathic environment where I can help you to explore solutions which can help you to change your perspective and move forward with life.

I have an enhanced DBS certificate and am able to work with adults and children. 

I offer a warm, professional, therapeutic service to all clients, adhering to the new General Data Protection Regulations (2018) which protects your privacy and rights to confidentiality.

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I went to see Alison because I had a phobia of being sick in social situations, which I had suffered from for over 20 years.  In a matter of weeks, she managed to help me overcome my fear, which has changed my life.  It is several months later and I haven’t once had the same feelings that previously ruined many meals and hampered my lifestyle.
Alison is a very professional, kind and understanding lady and I would recommend her to anyone looking to make a positive difference to their life.


Alison is amazing! I have had 4 sessions and I'm so much more in control of my anxiety and of my life! Feeling so positive and ready to get things done. I actually can't believe how well it's worked. Thank you Alison!     


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