Help reduce Stress and Anxiety with Solution Focused Hypnotherapy

With the summer holidays drawing to a close and the prospect of returning to school or back to the usual routines, or indeed starting out in a new direction, then might it be time to stop, and to empty some of the stress from your life giving you the spare capacity to be able to cope with whatever life has in store for you this September.

Modern life and the pressures of juggling work, finance, family and relationships can take their toll and may sometimes cause our stress buckets to fill up, so affecting our ability to function. If you find that you are perhaps getting a little tired, or that you are being snappy, struggling to sleep and letting worries get you down., then maybe it would be a good time to chat to a Solution Focused Hypnotherapy practitioner.

Solution Focused Hypnotherapy works by effectively reducing our ‘stress bucket’ levels through positive thinking, which is encouraged during a number of sessions. Once the client is focused in a state of positive thinking then the final part of the session uses trance to encourage a process called Rapid Eye Movement (REM) - whereby the brain effectively empties some of its own stress bucket levels.

Over a number of sessions, the client should start to notice their stress levels have dropped and they can start to feel calmer, more positive and relaxed about life and how they react to situations at work and at home. It is a simple, safe and effective way to help someone control and manage their stress levels. If you would like more information about how hypnotherapy can help you, or to book your initial consultation, contact Alison on 07946183639/