Coping Strategies

Last evening I had a lovely Zoom call with friends - Wow ! It was an immediate lift to my spirit and a wonderful mood booster.

2021 has arrived and with it yet another lock down - It is a difficult time for all – whether financially, emotionally or physically most of us are having individual struggles.

I thought that it may be helpful to revisit some of those coping strategies that we used during the last lock down.

Try to have some daily exercise. if an online workout isn’t your thing, a walk is wonderful. I know its cold but making the effort really does help you to connect with what is going on outside of your house. You may have a chat ( socially distanced of course) with neighbours and physically you will feel the benefit. And of course the endorphin release will make you feel so much happier.

Those hobbies that you may have started during the last lockdown and then put aside as Christmas approached – do them again, or try something new.

Do keep up with friends, families and neighbours. Just a phone call can help to make us feel part of something and less isolated – if you are feeling particularly down and are struggling, do talk to someone – If you don’t want to talk to someone that you know, there are organisations out there who will listen.

And lastly, but still important – Limit your exposure to social media and the news – We all need to know about changes and burying our heads does no one any favours, but checking in every 10 minutes isn’t helpful to anyone’s wellbeing.

We all know what we need to do - So lets do it !!!

Stay well