Improve your Confidence

Confidence is that feeling of self-belief, of being able to achieve goals and to be able to interact with the world around you in a positive way that supports your wellbeing.

As we go through life the experiences that we encounter can shake our self-confidence and leave us with low esteem or low self-worth. Those negative beliefs and patterns of behaviour can over time become ingrained and start to hold us back.

So many people that I have seen in my therapy room have had issues surrounding self-confidence. Some about public speaking, some with a fear of being in social settings, others with confidence issues surrounding work, interviews or public speaking. All of them doubting their own ability.

By using Solution Focused techniques I can help a client to identify their own strengths and abilities and then by using the wonderful experience of Hypnosis and positive suggestion, I can help to lower anxiety and stress. During that wonderful day dreamy state, and in the absence of anxiety and negative thoughts, the intellectual part of the brain can start to work on the solutions that are needed to move forward to rebuild confidence and to start to overcome the problems that are responsible for holding the client back.

If you feel that you are being held back by your lack of self-confidence and want to start believing in yourself again, why not book a free initial appointment to explore how hypnotherapy can help.