Improving your mood by walking

My clients will know that I often talk about being active in a ‘positive way’. We don’t need to be Marathon runners or very sporty to feel the benefits of regular exercise.

Gentle walking can help to start to improve physical health, but also to generate feelings of improved mood, motivation and increased energy levels.

Walking at this time of year is wonderful. The leaves are just beginning to change colour. The sun is warm, but not too hot and the light is gentle. Walking is one of those activities that you can do on your own, allowing yourself the headspace to be quiet and to allow yourself to be distracted by nature, or to watch other walkers, joggers etc.

For some, however, to go out alone may be difficult due to lack of confidence, anxiety or depression, so asking a friend, neighbour or family member to join you as a walking buddy may be encouraging and helpful to you. Once outdoors, it can also help to reduce feelings of isolation and to help you to feel more connected with the outside world.

Walking, as well as other forms of exercise help to reduce excess in stress hormones which then aid relaxation and a feeling of wellbeing. It also promotes a release of Endorphins - the chemicals that helps us to feel good and uplifted.

Why not try to incorporate a regular walk as part of your overall toolkit to maintaining mental and physical wellbeing?