Well now, what a year!!

The Amygdala, that part of our brain that causes us to go into Fight, Flight or Freeze mode whenever there is an actual or perceived threat, has been for most of us in overdrive.

Covid -19 has been a threat that none of us have ever encountered and everyone will have experienced to a greater or lesser degree feelings of fear, anxiety, the inability to think or function in our normal way. We were forced to work in new ways and even how we interacted with our loved ones had to change. Going to a supermarket became an activity that had become scary and different.

In essence, the emotional brain was taking over, preventing us from thinking in a logical way, making us check for the danger by constantly watching the news for updates or looking at the ever increasingly negative social media posts, making us retreat into our homes for safety and not wanting to go out again and then making us lose the ability to focus on nothing at all really, viewing other supermarket shoppers with suspicion as if they were the enemy, and moving emotionally quickly between the desperation to go out and the need to stay indoors.

For most, we adapted quickly to our new way of living and the wearing of face masks and coverings has become, If not totally natural, part of daily life. Slowly, over the months despite not being as free as before, life became a little easier and new routines established.

Then, suddenly, it all changed again and we were now allowed out again. The main concerns that my lovely clients were expressing in early lock down, were popping up again – Anxieties, sleep issues and the general fear of change. I must admit to more than a bit of uncertainty when having to attend appointments and other events outside of my home where I was going to meet others .

But we will adapt again and this new life will become the norm for the time being. And although we must remain vigilant to stay safe, we can start to meet others and get out more.

By keeping positive and active, we become more resilient and stronger. Meeting with others ( In a socially distanced way of course) helps up to cope better and raise our mood. All of this helps to reassure our emotional brain and prevents us from over thinking.

Remember that we can’t control events in our lives , but we can control how we respond to them.

Solution Focused Hypnotherapy can help to quieten the emotional mind, focus on the positive and help you to move towards getting back in control of your life.