What is Hypnotherapy???

What is hypnotherapy and what to expect from a hypnotherapy session ?

People are often concerned that I will make them do strange things ? It’s a common thought that stage hypnosis is the same as therapeutic clinical hypnotherapy.

There are different genres of hypnotherapy but what I practice is Solution focused. Unlike traditional counselling methods which seeks to identify, work through and understand a problem, solution focused hypnotherapy accepts the problem as the client identifies it and then works to move the person away from the problem and towards a preferred future.

Hypnotherapy is not something that is ‘done’ to a person, instead it is a collaborative therapy where the client works with the therapist to make the changes in behaviour that are needed to achieve whatever goal are needed to move towards making a positive difference to life.

Each session begins with a solution focused conversation where we identify what the clients best hopes are for the session and how they see their life in the absence of the problem and what small steps can be made to move towards that goal. We build on strengths and abilities and also a sense of self -worth and self - confidence.

The trance part is wonderfully therapeutic and relaxing. The client would be in a comfortable position, sitting or lying down, it doesn’t really matter. Trance is a state of focused attention and so the client would be relaxed into a wonderfully calm relaxed state by being asked to visualise certain things. Some people are excellent at visualisation, others see things as a colours or smells. This doesn’t matter, the focus on what is being said is the key to allowing a deeply relaxed state, or trance. It’s a very natural state and one that we all do without thinking about it… Think of daydreaming.

Once in that totally relaxed state we can use lots of lovely positive suggestions to build self esteem and confidence. It helps to lower anxiety and raise the mood. It can also be used for a more focused reframe of how a client want things to be, for example using detailed descriptions to improve sporting performance, or self confidence in specific circumstances such as standing on a stage feeling calm and in control.